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Is It Important To Check My Loft Water Tank

These problems are common among homeowners with an obsolete or damaged water tank in the loft


the main line if you’re confused about why your loft has two water tanks. This is because the home used to have (or still does) a vented central heating system. The water in this system first goes through the boiler and a hot water cylinder before it becomes accessible from taps or usable in the central heating system. The header tank is used to fill the heating system while giving additional space for the heated water to expand.

Although a condensate pump is not essential for these systems, it may be beneficial to have one. Vented heating systems rely on gravity as the driving force. It’s important that the tank in your home is as tall as possible, owing to gravity. To minimize water usage,

Have a water tank in your loft? Here’s how to clean it.

These problems are common among homeowners with an obsolete or damaged water tank in the loft:

  • There is a dripping water tank in the loft.
  • The loft’s water tank must be refilled..
  • I can’t bear the sound of my loft’s water tank!
  • The loft’s water level isn’t rising.


If you’re experiencing issues with your heating, it’s always best to call in a professional. They’ll know how to clear any blockages in the water tank and ensure that the safety of using the water again. People frequently need to clean their tanks because something is blocking frequent useage of the water. If this is occurring or if your tank is bigger than what your home needs, problems with bacteria growth might happen down the road. Legionella bacteria can thrive in water kept at a particular temperature, particularly if the weather is nice outside. Legionella bacteria that develop in polluted water may cause Pontiac fever or Legionnaires’ disease. Every year, leaves, dirt, food pollutants, rusted metal, and even tiny animals might contaminate water tanks.

If you’re having problems with your water tank, call Robinson Heating & Plumbing.